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Product: Milano Low-Flow Electric Towel Rail with Integrated Heating Fan

Date of launch / relaunch: 05/12/2022

Supporting Statement

The Milano low-flow electric towel rail is the perfect heating and towel rail storage solution for bathrooms, thanks to the combination of towel rail (500W) and space heating fan (1000W). Its low-level integrated fan helps the product to reach the desired temperature faster than a regular towel rail. The Milano is an efficient towel rail, using up to 70% less of its nominal power (tested in a 10m2 room over 12 hours with the temperature set at 21ºC). Made of high-quality steel and high heat transfer thermal fluid (oil filled). It has energy-saving functions such as Open Windows, plus an up to 9h timer for easy programming. It’s easy to use and has a touch control panel with 5 buttons and a stylish LCD display. Class II protection and flame-retardant control panel make this heated towel rail a safe choice for bathroom heating (check installation regulations before installation). Works with your renewable energy supply such as solar/PV for sustainable home heating. The cable length is 1.4 m and is easy to install with brackets, screws, a template and a user manual included.

It’s a unique new product to the market as it is a 2-in-1 product: towel rail + built-in heating fan in the same product.


Nominal power: 500W (towel rail) + 1000W (heating fan) with 18 tubes.
Dimensions: 500 x 1150 x 30 mm (width x height x depth).
Guarantee: 10 years on the body and 3 years on the electronics.
Finish: White RAL 9016.
Heats room size: up to 10 m2.
Circular collectors: ⌀ 22 mm.
Circular tubes: ⌀ 22 mm.
Uses up to 70% less of its nominal power (tested in a 10m2 room over 12 hours with the temperature set at 21ºC). Extremely energy-efficient.
Wall mounted.
Steel body with high heat transfer thermal fluid (glycol/water Optimum Flux tech).
24/7 programming with 3 weekly programs pre-installed.
Energy-saving functions: Open Windows.
5-button touch control panel and LCD display.
Heating element with thermostat and safety thermofuse.
Timer for up to 9 hours continuous operation.
Easy to install.
Cable length: 1.4m.
Plug: Not included.
Includes brackets, screws, template and user manual.
Class II protection and rated IP24.
Works with renewable energy sources like solar/PV for sustainable heating.
ErP Ready – Lot20 compliant.

We launched this new product in December 2022 with a special promotion for our customers: a special package price for larger unit orders. We also visited our critical customers in the UK to present the Milano towel rail to them during the first 3 months of its availability, all with very positive feedback.

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