SWA’s Glands – taking the market by Storm!

SWA’s revolutionary new STORM® armoured cable glands: quicker, safer and easier to use than conventional CW glands!

The new STORM® range from SWA promises nothing less than a revolution in terminating armoured and non-armoured SY & CY braided cables.
Offering improved ingress protection (IP68) and faster fitting over conventional armoured cable glands, the low-cost, UV-stabilised STORM® glands can be used from -20°C to +80°C, give off no toxic gases in a fire and are suitable for both armoured and
non-armoured cable.

SWA Marketing Manager Colin Fletcher said: “Our BS EN 62444:2013 approved STORM® range represents a major advance in armoured cable glands, bringing together advanced design techniques and ultra-modern materials to offer substantial benefits for installers. It’s an unbeatable combination of speedy installation, advanced specification and low cost: in fact, we believe that, in time, STORM® glands might make conventional glands obsolete.”

STORM® glands meet the IP68 standard – they are rated as “dust-tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water. They therefore significantly extend the IP66 and IP67 ingress protection typically offered by other armoured cable glands.

Every aspect of conventional cable glands has been re-thought and, if necessary, re-engineered to provide a better solution. For example, the STORM® glands feature an innovative anti-rotational design, which allows the upper assembly to rotate independently of the brass armour-clamping ring, so eliminating the damaging effects of rotation on armour wire.
With conventional glands, customers often prefer to use plastic shrouds to protect against corrosion, but that brings with it a number of problems. Firstly, the fitting of shrouds increases the overall installation time and makes it almost impossible to check the integrity of the armour clamping after fitting. Secondly, the plastics used often contain flame-retardant elements, such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine and astatine, which can give off dangerous, toxic gases if the plastic ignites. And thirdly, the shrouds can themselves trap water, thus actually causing the corrosion problem they are supposed to avoid.
But thanks to STORM® glands’ non-metallic outer bodies, they need no shroud to protect against corrosion. As a result, all these problems are solved at a stroke. First, installation becomes faster and easier (and also requires a lower tightening torque than conventional glands). Second, the armour-clamping can be inspected in moments by simply unscrewing the gland’s upper assembly. And, importantly, because the advanced, flame-retardant polyamide used for the cap and outer body is halogen-free, the glands are safer to use, helping them meet the increasing demands for greater safety in buildings and public spaces.

The STORM® range is available in two types, the popular Tauras version (with the Award Winning EarthingNut™ and crimp lugs) and a standard version (with locknut & earth tag). The non-metallic cap, upper body and lower body enclose the gland’s brass clamping ring and inner body, while the O rings and gasket are made from NBR (nitrile rubber). With a compact design, the glands are available in thread sizes from 20mm–32mm (M20[S], M20[L], M25 & M32) and are suitable for use with many different types of cable, both armoured and non-armoured SY & CY braided cables.