The Improved Zone 1 Monsoon Silence Range

High extraction rates combined with low energy use and exceptionally quiet running are just some of the things that set the new and improved Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range apart from the competition. Developed, designed and produced by National Ventilation, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer and supplier, the new and improved fan is now even better.
But sometimes it’s the small design features that can make a big difference in a product. Heated seats in a car, a well-placed pocket in a coat or an automatic retractor on the power cable of a vacuum cleaner are all good examples. And the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range is no different. With the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range, small improvements are making a real difference to the lives of electricians with the addition of features such as a spirit level and larger terminal block which both make installation much easier and also more accurate.
Indeed, National Ventilation firmly believes that this fan represents the best value intermittent bathroom fan on the market today and are prepared to back up their faith in their product by including their longest ever guarantee. As a result, this up-to-the-minute innovative domestic ventilation solution comes with an unprecedented five-year guarantee.

Some of the new Monsoon Zone 1 Silence fan’s many benefits and performance features include:
• Quiet running – the fan has low sound levels of 22d B(A) which is very low for this type of fan and really improves comfort for households.
• Vastly improved performance
• At 7.5kW it requires very low levels of energy helping homeowners reduce their energy bills
• Improved design and aesthetics with a inwardly curving impellor
• Two speeds – a feature that is not usually available on this type of intermittent fan
• Improved performance allows 1m longer duct runs at 15l/s
• The fan complies with both Part F and Part L

Installation made easy
• For wholesalers the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence fan benefits from ease of installation which is a major plus point to highlight to electricians.
• It has an IP45-rating in line with the new IEE Wiring Regulations 18th Edition and so can be installed in Zone 1 which makes installation flexible.
• The fan has a larger terminal block which makes wiring easier and installation straightforward.
• A unique spirit level bubble is also an added benefit which aids fitting helping ensure a level install and reducing the need of an additional tool at installation point
• The fan comes with a long-life ball bearing motor and a silent back draft shutter preventing air travelling back up the duct and into the room.

Silence is golden
Boasting two speeds, the Zone 1 Silence range is exceptionally quiet with a running volume as low as 22dB(A), this is 50% quieter than many fans on the market. As a result, households will benefit from improved indoor air quality (IAQ), improved comfort and a bathroom free from condensation and mould without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with many bathroom fans. Add to this a low energy usage of just 7.5kW and a low SFP of 0.33w/l/s. so homeowners will benefit from reduced energy bills as well.

A range of mounting options
It’s not just homeowners that will benefit from the improvements to the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range; the needs of electricians have also been taken in to account. The Monsoon Silence Range is easier than ever to install thanks to the larger terminal block which makes wiring easier and a new spirit level bubble helps ensure a straight install. In addition, the Zone 1 Silence range is suitable for window, ceiling or wall mounting.
Speaking about the fan’s many benefits Mick Daniels, Sales Director at National Ventilation said:
“The new and improved Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Range should prove popular with installers and households alike. Simple to install and crammed full of great features, the fan promises very low sound levels and is cost effective to run making it the best value intermittent fan on the market. In fact, we’re so confident in it, we decided to give it our highest ever five-year-guarantee.”

An eye on design
National Ventilation has also taken the fan’s design into consideration taking great care to produce an aesthetically pleasing product. As a result the casing and impeller are made of durable high-quality UV-resistant plastic which helps to prevent degradation and discoloration of the plastic over time. Alternatively, a chrome finish is available with the 100mm models, making this stylish fan match well with any modern interior.

Staying in control
With a range of control options including Basic, Timer, Humidistat and PIR, the Part F and L compliant fan comes in three sizes; 100mm, 125 mm and 150mm. In addition, the fan’s IP45 rating means it can be safely installed within Zone 1 without the need for a low voltage transformer, ideal for a small bathroom or shower room where space is at a premium.