‘Secure Building Intelligence’ with new Gira X1 & S1

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, is pleased to launch the new Gira S1 Remote Access Module and new Gira X1 Compact Smart Home Server combined with Alexa voice control and Sonos wireless sound system.

Answering demand for ‘smart solutions’, Gira intuitively creates a working brain within a building that convenes to lifestyle, personal preferences and daily routine.

The cornerstone of the intelligent home, the new Gira X1 compact Smart Home Server allows you to switch lights on and off, raise and lower blinds, as well as manage your home temperature settings for optimal comfort: from anywhere in the building or remotely.

The new Gira X1 makes automating and visualising a single-family home with a KNX system more convenient, easier and economical than ever before with remote access, control and monitoring for the height of security. Compact and quick to install, the new Gira X1 provides a stress-free start-up and configuration for straightforward, undemanding intelligent build technology.

Designed to seamlessly communicate with Alexa [Amazon’s cloud-based voice service], the new Gira X1 now means Alexa can now control a properties’ lighting and blinds through the power of speech: along with various settings which are activated by short verbal commands. A great way to conveniently manage a ‘Smart Home’, Gira X1 is operated on any smart device, tablet or phone through the Gira X1 App: download available iOS and Android App stores.

A user-friendly interface, the Gira X1 App helps the user access and control the functions of the KNX installation: dimming, switching, shutters, blinds, heating control, value transmitter, scenes, timer and much more. Camera images can also be accessed ‘live’, plus there are customisation options that include home screen personalisation.

Gira X1 will also be compatible for Sonos: From October 2018 onwards, you will be able to listen to your music in the best sound quality in your Smart Home with the wireless speakers of Sonos. This exclusive sound system can be connected with the Gira X1, so you can enjoy your music with the best-possible sound quality, easily manage playlists, songs and volume, as well as select personalised scenes.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK Ltd, comments “New smart solutions are now being promoted as the next breakthrough technology for home convenience and with technology like KNX, homeowners are now able to benefit from a truly connected building where all building services operate as a single control technology.’’

Say no to ‘Smart Burglars’ with the new Gira S1
Delivering secure remote access to the smart home with KNX, the new Gira S1 enables users to remotely connect to their KNX smart home with total security. How? The new Gira S1 ensures that all communication is encrypted and adheres to German data protection standards: simply start the Gira X1 App and Gira S1 will take care of the rest in cooperation with the Gira device portal. The server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. This ensures that stringent German data protection standards are applied so all Gira customers are fully protected with safe and secure technology.

Mark continues, ‘‘through continued research and development, we’re able to anticipate the market and cater to this new category of homeowner, where form follows function. The introduction of Gira X1 and S1 answers a clear demand for intelligent smart home solutions with secure remote access; and I believe as consumer confidence grows, so will market desire.’’