eNet SMART HOME heating control with tado° – Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, collaborate with tado°: a smart heating control system for the eNet SMART HOME…

– eNet SMART HOME heating control with tado°
Convenience for maximum living comfort: eNet SMART HOME heating control with tado° wireless technology

The intelligent networking of eNet SMART HOME with tado° enables convenient control of radiators and underfloor heating – with the Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter or the eNet SMART HOME app on the Gira G1 or a smartphone. Special features include the automatic detection of an open window, consideration of the weather forecast and the location-dependent control during periods of absence.

Thermostatically controlled, the new eNet tado° heating system is designed to automatically control shading, lighting and temperature when no-one is home. Using cutting-edge technology, tado° features an integrated, location-dependent control so when the home is empty, your eNet SMART HOME system is able to turn down the heating, as well as switch off the lighting and shut down darkening via blind control.

The Gira eNet server brings maximum convenience and very high flexibility to the smart home. It is the versatile control centre that allows the configuration of scenes, timers and if-then rules. With the Gira eNet server, not only can you program the entire eNet SMART HOME system, you can also visualize and document it automatically.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK Ltd, comments “It’s not easy to heat rooms efficiently using manual controls. Living rooms should be heated to a higher temperature than bedrooms, and the heating can be lower on the sunny side of the house than in rooms that are shaded. Reducing energy use, whilst increasing comfort is therefore of primary concern for the smart homeowner and the good news is intelligent building control makes it possible to heat the home efficiently. Several features are unique to tado°; the most significant feature is the location-based-control function, which allows tado° to automatically turn the heating down or even off when the last person leaves home, and begins to warm it up again when it detects someone returning.“

“Via the eNet SMART HOME app, the entire building technology system can be easily controlled and configured – even while on the go. When used in conjunction with the smart heating control from tado°, you can also control the room temperature using the eNet SMART HOME app and visualise the actual temperature and humidity.”

tado° Smart Thermostat:
– Saves up to 31% on your heating bill
– Ensures a comfortable and healthy climate
– Control remotely using the Gira eNet SMART HOME App or via Alexa, Siri and Google
– Compatible with all manufacturers, existing and new boilers or in combination with radiator thermostats

– Geofencing helps you save energy when nobody is home
– Weather Adaptation integrates weather information to assist in reducing your energy bill
– Air Comfort helps you keep a healthy climate at home
– Open Window Detection notices an open window to prevent unnecessary heating
– Insightful Reports display temperature and humidity profiles, heating activity and energy savings
– Boiler Health Monitoring keeps you covered, notifying you when your boiler requires a technician
– Multi-Room Operation Control multiple heating zones and rooms separately
– Hot water Management Control your hot water with tado°
– Smart Schedule Have a detailed automatic schedule as well as full manual control
– Auto updates Always get access to new features with the latest software
– Control from anywhere Allows you to access the current room temperature and humidity from anywhere, at any time
– Tailored for your home Automatically learns how fast your home warms up and cools down, so it always chooses the right time to start heating
– Wireless Flexibility to place the Smart Thermostat anywhere in the house, in combination with an Extension Kit
– Easy Installation Quickly set up with the online step-by-step installation assistant

An alliance of leading vendors has developed eNet as a manufacturer-neutral industry standard that has already proven its worth in many households. With eNet SMART HOME, a new expansion stage is now available from Gira. It offers the possibility to conveniently control and monitor the building technology via smartphone: at home, on the road and most importantly, securely.

In the eNet Alliance, strong brands are networked to support cross-brand and cross-trade solutions to include Gira. eNet SMART HOME is continuously developed further by the Alliance as a common industry standard. This means eNet SMART HOME offers maximum future security. Users can rely on every single component – today and tomorrow. The eNet Alliance is open to new partners. This means that the range of possibilities will constantly increase.

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