Brighter than most, the ICE Lamp sets a new standard in high performance GU10 LED lamps, providing an industry leading efficacy of up to 108 lumens per watt, delivering more light whilst using less energy! Our ICE Lamp has become a best seller in the industry.

The range of ICE Lamps is significant. We have developed and produced 11 different variants, including dimmable and non-dimmable versions. The ICE™ MR11 Dichroic LED Lamp is just 1.6W with an output of 160 lm/w, enabling 90% savings over traditional equivalents and is a very easy retrofit.

The ICE™ Lamp also utilises ThermoTec™ heat management technology. This dramatically increases lifespan, whilst maintaining lumen output at L70 25,000 hours. Another feature is Enlite’s EnFiniti™ Lens. This insures 100% edge to edge maximum light output whilst also maintaining a sparkling, clean aesthetic.

Should customers want to change the lamp for any reason, like changing the colour temperature, for example, this would be an ideal solution. It can also be used in ALL Enlite’s fire rated downlight fittings – it’s a truly versatile lamp.

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