Enlite’s best seller, the E6™Pro, is a revolution in LED downlight performance and installation providing 117lm/W, with full wiring and a record breaking installation time.

It joins the E series range of integrated fire rated downlights, which are extremely popular on residential and small commercial projects.

Super Fast Install Times & Features

Utilising the unique RapidWire connection system, it can be wired and installed very quickly saving contractors valuable time; in fact it is tool free connection! Latching terminals provide security of screw terminations for both solid and stranded core cables and can be wired faster than standard push fits.

It uses an EnFiniti™ lens to give a low glare and halogen like appearance. Enfiniti™ lenses have been designed to stretch right to the sides of the front of the lamp to fill out 100% of the aperture, helping to punch out maximum light.

It also has a 60° beam angle for maximum light distribution, so you can light the room with less lights, saving money and installation time. The E6Pro has been tested in 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rated ceilings. You also get a 5 year warranty, and a lifespan between 50,000 and 70,000 hours, depending on variant.

‘Make Smart’ with AOne™ Control

Using any of the AOne inline dimmers (120W, 320W, 1-10V, 12/24V) or on/off relay, circuits can now be made smart easily through their installation between the switch and first light, that will then control the entire circuit – not only that it can be used on the standard luminaires that are already installed, so retrofits are very straight forward.

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