The BatPac™Pro is the perfect solution to replacing traditional fluorescent fittings – you can’t go wrong with this new high performance, robust, energy saving LED batten. It can be installed in any indoor application where traditional fluorescents would have been installed. For example; household garage, industrial workstations, corridors, offices etc.

It is designed with the installer and customer in mind. In addition to being extremely energy efficient, offering a fast ROI, for contractors it is incredibly fast and simple to install with a simple clip-on diffuser, clip in gear tray, push fit terminals as well as multiple BESA entry points that match traditional fluorescents and knockouts at either end. It is a direct replacement for single or twin fluorescent fittings, both in size and output, but with impressive 40% energy savings (versus standard fluorescent) delivering up to 121lm/W.

With the option to suspend or surface mount the battens using standing fixings and an IK rating of 08 they are suitable for a wide variety of applications, where reliability and robustness is required. It also comes with optionable microwave sensors for increased energy saving and ROI.

Installer friendly, designed to have a quick and simple install, with reduced maintenance costs:

  • Push fit terminals and clip in gear tray
  • Multiple BESA entry points that match traditional fluorescents
  • Knockouts for cable entry at either end
  • Diffuser simply clicks into place

Futureproof the workplace with a ‘Make Smart’ option

Working towards the future needs of your customers means you need to be one step ahead. The BatPac™PRO has the capability to be included in the AOne™ smart lighting system. This affordable solution that can easily be installed and allows users to wirelessly control their luminaires from anywhere in the world.

A simple addition of an AOne 16A On/Off Relay and Hub for added control and energy savings.

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