Bringing homes and businesses into the future

Aurora’s AOne™ Smart Lighting platform, powered by Gooee, has been designed to make smart lighting simple and easy to install. The UK’s Leading Lighting Manufacturer gives you their most versatile and innovative solution yet. It provides home and business owners the opportunity to create smart lighting spaces by using the AOne™ App.

Only a year after the release of this Smart Lighting platform, the Aurora Lighting Group has dramatically increased it’s smart lighting portfolio. There are 30 brand new ‘Smart Inside’ products, with built in smart capability. Alongside this there are over 900 standard luminaires in Enlite’s new Trade Edition Two catalogue that can be made Smart with AOne circuit control devices.

Aurora’s AOne is designed with the contractor in mind, covering Light, Power, Sensing and Control. The AOne system consists of an App, Hub and a comprehensive range of easy to install Smart Inside devices that enables the user to control their lighting the way they want to from anywhere, via the AOne App.

Easy Install

The new ‘Smart Inside’ products have an integrated Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network with the Gooee Smart Space Hub. It allows for complete control over one or multiple lights in a space. On top of that each luminaire provides significant energy savings, is low maintenance, affordable, easy to install and is interoperable with Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa.
Setup is very straightforward and can be done in 4 Simple Steps.

1. Download the AOne App
2. Connect the Hub
3. Install Device(s)
4. Take Control

Smart integration for both new build and retrofit installations is made far easier with the AOne system, as the devices have been designed to replace standard luminaires and wall controllers. Once configured your clients will also have peace of mind with the fully certified 128-bit security level.

Cut Costs & Save Energy

The AOne Smart Lighting platform allows you to schedule and control your lights which means you can save energy when your premises is unoccupied. It ensures that your lights are on and off at the right time of day or night and are customisable to suit your home or business needs.

AOne Product Range

The ‘Smart Inside’ product range is new to the AOne system – each product within this range wirelessly pairs with the Gooee Smart Space hub via the Zigbee protocol to form a mesh network, and the more devices connected the stronger the signal gets.

It includes a smart colour tuneable fire rated downlight: the revolutionary mPro™ZX, GU10 lamps, RGBs, dimmers, sockets and sensors.

All of these devices can be connected either individually or as a group, created via the AOne™ app. It offers users a comprehensive set of features, including on/off control, dimming, colour temperature changing, scheduling and off premise control.

‘Make Smart Over +900 Enlite Product

To enable smart lighting throughout various spaces with non-smart fixtures, homes and businesses now have the option to ‘Make Smart’ over 900 Enlite products.

The Zigbee Hub connects to the internet router and requires no maintenance as all updates are automatic and creates the Gooee Smart Space where up to 80 Smart devices can be managed and controlled. Should the internet fail it is possible to have local room control without needing to have internet access.

Using any of the AOne inline dimmers (120W, 320W, 1-10V, 12/24V) or on/off relay, circuits can now be made smart easily through their installation between the switch and first light, that will then control the entire circuit – not only that it can be used on the standard luminaires that are already installed, so retrofits are very straight forward.

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