OCTO is Ansell Lighting’s revolutionary smart lighting eco-system, designed to make users rethink the way in which they utilise luminaires within their homes, gardens, offices, retail units… the list is almost endless!

OCTO’s state of the art Bluetooth technology offers the ultimate lighting experience. Users can set numerous scenes and animations that can be timed to wake them up in the morning, drift off in the evening or even make it seem like someone is home while they are away on holiday.

All the products within the OCTO smart lighting range communicate with each other flawlessly, forming a Bluetooth mesh that enables users to control all OCTO powered devices. Perfect for residential, retail or commercial environments, our smart solution has a comprehensive range of features that interact flawlessly with smart devices.

The OCTO product range comprises of indoor and outdoor controllers, smart lamps, and a variety of indoor and outdoor controllers. Each product within the OCTO range are easily detected and controlled via the OCTO app.

OCTO’s app enables users to access a wide array of intuitive features, making controlling lighting from a smart phone or tablet an easy task. OCTO users can control their lighting from pictures they have taken, marking the position of luminaires within particular spaces and simply tapping the luminaire they want to control. Lighting scenes and schedules can be created in seconds, creating the perfect ambience for different occasions and requirements.

OCTO’s timer settings can be configured to switch lighting on or off at certain times for a specified duration. Integration with OCTO’s motion sensors also means that users can utilise your home’s lighting to react to various occurrences. Lighting can be programmed to react if the sensors detect movement outside, but can also assist in energy saving by only illuminating an area when they detect motion.

Luminaires within certain rooms can be configured to groups within the OCTO app, enabling users to control entire rooms or particular areas of a space, turning the lighting on or off, or dimming the level of illumination.

To support and reward installers, we have devised the OCTO Guru/Master scheme. The scheme is designed to educate, support and incentivise OCTO installers. By uploading their invoices to an online portal, contractors can continually update us on how many OCTO installs they have completed. As they progress through the scheme they will achieve OCTO Guru status. With further installs, contractors will achieve OCTO Master status. Both OCTO Gurus and Masters will be rewarded for their efforts.

In addition to this, we support Electrical Wholesalers who sell OCTO products by providing them with an array of POS material, ensuring that they can maximise awareness that they are OCTO stockists and that they are knowledgeable regarding the OCTO product range.

To view the OCTO website please click here: http://octouk.com/

To view the OCTO promotional video please click here: https://youtu.be/CBiVBe9vrXo