Aico is a UK market leader in residential Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection, outselling every comparable product on the market and with a 95% market share of the valuable Social Housing sector. Our success has been built on:

• Quality. Aico alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet UK standards and regulations under the strictest of European quality controls and undergo the most stringent testing with every single alarm tested at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process and before leaving the factory.

• Innovation – we are nearly always first to market with new technology, including the first wireless interconnect system (RadioLINK), the first data extraction technology (AudioLINK) and the first domestic mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, to name but a few.

• Solutions based approach – we work in partnership with Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Developers, Specifiers, Contractors and Wholesalers, to fully understand their needs and those of the people living in those dwellings. It’s all about taking the time to listen and to create products that solve problems.

• Service and support – we have a highly experienced Technical Team and Regional Specification Managers, the industry leading CPD accredited Expert Installer training scheme, plus an array of online support material.


Aico provides high quality, high reliability mains-powered Optical Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms, Ionisation Smoke Alarms and Multi-Sensors, available with a choice of conventional battery or unbeatable 10 year Lithium cell back-up technology. We also supply battery and mains powered Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms.

Our major product launch in 2018 – one of the biggest product overhauls we have ever done in our 25+ years – was the 3000 Series. This technologically advanced series detects both Fire and CO and includes, for the very first time, a Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm, providing whole property coverage from one series. All alarms in the range feature our very latest alarm technologies with our hard earned reputation for unbeatable reliability and quality.

A wide range of accessories are available to accompany our alarm ranges, including the Ei450 Alarm Controller which provides a simple, convenient method of controlling all the alarms on a system; and the Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface which provides a dedicated connection to third party safety systems such as Warden Call and Sprinkler Systems. Accessories are not only highly beneficial for the customer, but also represent an excellent upsell opportunity for wholesalers.


Aico has led the way not only in alarm sensor design but also in identifying and developing technologies that dramatically enhance the way alarms are installed and used.

Top of this list has to be our wireless interconnection technology. Launched as RadioLINK in 2004, the latest generation of this award-winning technology – SmartLINK- provides maximum system flexibility and easy installation. This technology has had a major impact in the industry and remains one of the most valued Smoke Alarm features by Contractors. It enables alarms and system accessories to be interconnected using Radio Frequency (RF) signals rather than hard wiring. Hard wired interconnection is time consuming, disruptive and costly in existing properties, whereas wireless interconnection is quick, easy and requires no redecorating.

Our data extraction technology, AudioLINK, has also proven highly valuable, especially to landlords in both the public and private sectors. It enables useful and meaningful data to be quickly and easily retrieved from the alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensor status, number of times tested and any alarm activations with details of when it occurred. Included in all 3000 Series alarms, this data extraction technology enables a full Status Report on an alarm to be downloaded via a free of charge App.

Support & Customer Service

But it’s not all about product. Aico believes the very best alarm technology should be accompanied by the best support possible. For Wholesalers this includes:
• Clear, concise product and technical support in the form of literature (including a useful Product Selector, videos and Apps.
• Responsive website, revamped in 2018 with a clean, modern look and intuitive navigation, including a Where to Buy feature, directing customers to their nearest Wholesaler.
• Wide range of merchandising, including counter mats and slat walls, aimed at educating contractors on fitting the right alarm type, as well as promoting key products.
• Training and demonstration facilities including the Centre of Excellence at our head office in Oswestry, Shropshire and a fleet of Mobile Training and Demonstration Units. The Centre of Excellence is a purpose-built training and meeting facility which also enables us to demonstrate our product range and technologies. It includes a dedicated wholesaler area designed to resemble a modern trade counter, showing the point of sale and merchandising options available, which include a counter mat, leaflet dispenser, educational display boards with product attached and racking.
• Expert Installer training, often held in conjunction with Wholesalers, allowing them to invite their customers, providing a valuable added service. CPD accredited and free of charge, Expert Installer is a modular training scheme created by Aico to ensure everyone involved in domestic alarm specification and installation has all the information they need, from standards & regulations, alarm system design & installation, through to specific technologies.
• Experienced Technical and responsive Sales Teams.
• Team of Regional Specification Managers (RSMs) providing training on product selection, regulations and upselling opportunities. These RSMs also act as a conduit between contractors and specifiers, including large Registered Social Landlords; Aico works in partnership with Social Housing Providers and has more mains powered domestic smoke alarms installed in the UK’s Social Housing than any other manufacturer. All products are sold through Wholesalers, making this market a lucrative one for Aico stockists.
• Excellent delivery terms – usually next day and with carriage paid for mainland deliveries over £200 Nett.

Aico provides essential life-saving products and never forgets the important role its Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms play in protecting people. This is at the core of the business and is shared by all employees.